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From Asia Inn to Sinosteria: the story of Jun Ge, a Chinese restaurateur in Rome with a passion for wines

The cuisine maintains the original Chinese standards, but the cellar opens up to increasingly heterodox suggestions, of declared natural origin, passing through small and very small producers, labels that are sometimes unavailable, experimental and self-sufficient wine productions. Jun Ge presents ...Leggi altro

Sep. 21 2020

Mercato Metropolitano in London opens a second branch at St. Mark’s in Mayfair. We interviewed Andrea Rasca

After the first opening at Elephant & Castle, Mercato Metropolitano in London opens a second branch at St. Mark's in Mayfair. We interviewed Andrea Rasca

Oct. 18 2019

Products of the month: asparagus and a recipe by Igles Corelli

Asparagus are one of the best products of spring: healthy and delicious, they can be used in lots of different ways. Here's everything you need to know.

Apr. 15 2019

30 years ago Gambero Rosso published the Slow Food Manifesto. Here is the complete copy

After30 years from its first publication on the pages of Gambero Rosso, here is once again the Slow Food Manifesto. 

Nov. 06 2017

Classy Carnevale fritters by Iginio Massari

Carnevale is a time for fried desserts: chiacchiere, lattughe, castagnole, ravioli and frittelle–fritters. For perfect frittelle we sought the advice of no one other than maestro Iginio Massari.

Feb. 08 2017

The first Worldwide Italian Cuisine Week

In the first Worldwide Italian Cuisine Week promotes food, agriculture and the entire Italy system, inaugurating a new cooperation model between private and institutional bodies.

Oct. 30 2016

NI-Nutritional Intelligence: hospital meals designed by Niko Romito

Eating well in hospital? Now it’s possible thanks to a groundbreaking project launched by Niko Romito. The protocol draws techniques from haute cuisine and takes them to collective dining, with a net reduction of waste and loss of nutrients through ...Leggi altro

Oct. 25 2016

Guide to spotting quality gelato in 16 easy steps

Back to focusing on gelato, mainly because everyone loves it and because not enough has actually been disclosed yet. Gelato we believe can be enjoyed year round, releasing it from summer seasonal restraints. As a matter of fact our first ...Leggi altro

Oct. 19 2016

Earthquake in Amatrice: the food world’s fundraising efforts

The food world is taking action in support of victims of Italy’s most recent earthquake. Many initiatives involve cooks, producers, restaurateurs and farmers. Participation is crucial for both immediate support in the state of emergency and subsequent reconstruction.

Sep. 13 2016

Present and future of Italian gelato: great masters and promising pupils

There’s a little bit of everything in regards to gelato: poor and low end quality to excellent. We obviously want to focus on the highest tiers, pinpointing today’s and tomorrow’s greatest names.

Aug. 01 2016
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